Sunday, May 02, 2010

BREAK NECK by Erica Spindler (2008)

Detective M.C. Riggio and her partner Kitt Lundgren are on the trail of a faceless predator who leaves bloody corpses of seemingly innocent victims in his wake, including a clean-cut college boy with no criminal record, a good-hearted lawyer and then one of Riggio's cousins, a student who earns extra cash by doing the books for a few local businesses.

The key to finding this emotionless killer lies in the stolen computers of all of his victims that lead to a burgeoning network of false identities and the surprising hub of a centre for troubled youth run by a kind-hearted philanthropist.

After Riggio's fiance and cousin are slain, the stakes are raised and trapping Break Neck becomes all-consuming. Riggio may lose her job, her best friend and her life.

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