Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ASH WEDNESDAY by Ethan Hawke (2002)

Protagonist Jimmy is AWOL from the US Army chasing his girlfriend Christy whom he recently ditched for no really good reason. At least he has the decency to realize he made a mistake and does his darndest to rectify the gaffe and finally make a real commitment to someone he surely loves.

Christy is pregnant with Jimmy's child (though it's a bit of news she's kept to herself so far) and is determined to make it home from Albany to the heart of Texas come hell or high water.

Jimmy catches up with Christy and the two embark upon their shared journey in a souped-up wreck-of-a-Chevy Nova and along the way are transformed from obsessed lovers to real family.

Hawke captures the energy and excitement and fear on the precipice of building a life together, come what may.

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