Thursday, May 27, 2010


After 48 years of marriage, Betty finds herself on the short end of the divorce stick having to evacuate her comfortable Upper Westside apartment and to move in with her adult daughters Annie (a librarian) and Miranda (a literary agent nearing bankruptcy). They are the the three Weissmans of the title, an ironic pun completely intended since they are anything but wise.

Betty accommodates to her new circumstances fairly well after purchasing an essential Chanel suit in which to meet the divorce lawyers. Annie and Miranda are less adaptable, especially Miranda who virtually ignores the calls from her own lawyer warning her of her imminent bankruptcy.

Throw into the mix various unsuitable paramours including a Hollywood-bound playboy, an illustrious writer and an epidemiologist and you have the stable of character foils necessary for each of the women to finally come into their own.

I really enjoyed Schine's snappy style and have already requested copies of her previous novels through my local library.

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