Sunday, April 25, 2010

GIRL CRAZY by Russell Smith (2010)

In his trademark elegant prose, Smith tells the story of Justin, a dissatisfied community college instructor, who happens to find himself in the role of Good Samaritan to a sexy young woman who seems to be hemorrhaging in a Toronto park. Justin insists on accompanying Jenna by ambulance to hospital where he knows his friend Andrew is working as an emergency room physician.

Jenna is unlike any of the other women Justin has dated and it is her heady mix of sexuality and danger that both thrills and terrifies him as he tries to build a lasting relationship with her. Soon Justin realizes that his obsessive desire to be with Jenna may destroy him as he is sucked into a world of gambling and drugs in order to protect her.

The ambiguity of the title suggesting both that Justin is crazy about women (which indeed he is) and that the girl herself might be crazy (as could easily be demonstrated by Jenna's inability to really connect with other people) is perfect.

If you are a fan of 19th century storytelling tradition, but also like to read about authentic and hot sex, this just might be THE book for you out of all of the new fiction titles in 2010.

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