Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SANCTUM by Denise Mina (2002)

Trained as a criminal defense attorney, but now writing novels full-time Denise Mina provides authentic detail of prison life in each of her books where the Scottish landscape is also a character.

In SANCTUM, stay-at-home Dad Lachlan Harriot is shocked when his wife Susie, a respected forensic psychiatrist, is convicted of the murder of serial killer Andrew Gow, one of her former patients. Lachlan is sure of his wife's innocence and is determined to do his own sleuthing through her personal papers and computer files in order to prove so and find grounds for an appeal. However, Lachlan's quest for the capital T truth raises more questions than it answers.

With more twists than the last 15 minutes of Casablanca, SANCTUM messes with your expectations and establishes Denise Mina as a fearless storyteller in the crime fiction genre.

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