Friday, March 19, 2010

ONE GOOD DOG by Susan Wilson (2010)

If you are a fan of Cesar Milan and his dog-whispering ways, this novel is for you.

Adam March is on the fast track to corporate fiefdom as the next in line for the CEO position. His daughter Ariel jumps horses. His wife Sterling spends her days planning the next best party and shopping for her designer-label wardrobe: it's a full life, rife with materialistic excess.

However, a telephone message Adam receives one morning, scribbled on a pink scrap by his PA essentially unhinges him and his made-for-tv lifestyle unravels in the blink of an eye.

Enter a pit-bull cross with a sweet disposition and an uncanny knack for knowing he's on death row at the local shelter. Chance, as Adam later names him, saves Adam as he spirals, but so does the new community at the homeless shelter where Adam has been ordered by the courts to do 6 months of service. Salvation comes in the unlikeliest of places.

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