Sunday, March 21, 2010

JULIET, NAKED by Nick Hornby (2009)

Most recently Hornby's screenplay for "An Education" was nominated for an Academy Award, but JULIET, NAKED revisits earlier interests of his previously explored in HIGH FIDELITY and FEVER PITCH: the influence of pop culture and loving relationships.

Annie and Duncan have been together for fifteen years and think they love each other. They are both keen on literature and the arts and music, but Duncan has become obsessively interested in a washed up 80s singer/songwriter called Tucker Crowe; both the real and imagined Tucker drives a wedge in Duncan's relationship with Annie.

Using email and blogposts in addition to the third person narrative creates an immediacy to the characters' voices and propels the narrative forward in a satisfying way. JULIET, NAKED is also a cautionary tale about trust and intimacy for contemporary times.

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