Sunday, January 10, 2010

FIREWALL by Henning Mankell (2002)

Two apparently unconnected cases disarm Inspector Kurt Wallander. In one, the corpse of computer consultant Tynnes Falk is found near the ATM closest to his apartment where it seems that he has died of an unexpected heart attack. In the other, two teenaged girls, Sonja Hokberg and Eva Persson have been arrested for the brutal murder of a cab driver, a crime to which they both confess without any remorse.

As Wallander peels away layers of both cases, he realizes that the implications extend far beyond the borders of Sweden. With compounding personal troubles at work, Wallander thinks he knows who to trust, but he's not sure. It is this doubt that allows him to save his own life and the life of another teenager who has been also caught up in this web of intrigue that reaches as far as the heart of darkest Angola and the World Bank.

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