Sunday, January 24, 2010

DEAD CONNECTION by Alafair Burke (2007)

When I started this book after a dinner party last night, I didn't expect to have it inform my dreamscape, but it did, and I woke up, heart racing, worried that my identity had been stolen.

NYPD Rookie detective Ellie Hatcher goes undercover on the Internet dating scene when it seems the murders of two young women exactly a year apart could be related to First Date, a NYC site for singles looking to hook up. Handpicked by maverick detective Flann McIlroy, Ellie finds herself navigating the high tech world of identity theft and discovering that the sociopathic behaviour of the suspect is all too familiar.

Being the reading geek that I am I especially enjoyed the moment where Ellie contacts a New Iberian detective Dave Robi.... to follow a lead about the past of one of the victims. What fun for Burke to have her father's most famous detective Dave Robichaux implied in the background investigation!

DEAD CONNECTION is a first-rate thriller that will have you cheering for Ellie Hatcher as she navigates her way through the mess and heartbreak to expose the greed and horror at the core.

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