Monday, July 05, 2010

CADILLAC JUKEBOX by James Lee Burke (1996)

While I was in Philadelphia last week I ran out of reading material and found the local Borders bookstore near City Hall where I scoured the mystery section for a familiar author. Luckily there was a James Lee Burke title I hadn't yet read. If you haven't already found your way to him or to his daughter Alafair Burke, you must.

Burke's (pater) Dave Robicheaux books are set in Louisiana and he writes so convincingly of the place that you'll find yourself wiping sweat from your brow in sympathy with his characters even from the air-conditioned cool of your hotel room.

In CADILLAC JUKEBOX, Buford LaRose, the inheritor of a wealthy Southern family, is elected governor and strange things start to happen. Robicheaux is offered a job as the head of state police (which he routinely rejects), an out-of-town documentary filmmaker is slain, and the governor's wife Karyn tries to seduce Dave--though he's happily married to Bootsie. With a supporting cast of ne'er-do-wells and his trusty friends Batiste and Clete Purcell, Dave discovers the truths about the past and the present and it seems that no-one is safe in Iberia Parish.

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